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The length of Sapanca Lake is 16 km in the east-west direction. Its width is 5 km in the north-south direction. 39 km in total. The coastal length of Sapanca Lake, which has a coastal length, is 16 km. is The Kırkpınar Coastline, Sapanca Coastline and Uzunkum Coastline within this distance form the Sapanca Beaches. Sapanca Beaches are the apples of Sapanca’s eyes.

Sapanca Beach Line

The Sapanca coastline, which is perhaps the most frequented place for visitors in recent years, is 3 km. is long. Walking paths, regular shopping aisles, resting places, sitting areas to watch the lake view, as well as the water games platform worth seeing at night add a different beauty to the tourism district of Sapanca.

Art Street welcomes you at the end of the coastal road where you can walk by watching Sapanca lake. With the sea bikes waiting for you along the coastal road, you can have the opportunity to have a very fun and interesting time by cycling in Sapanca Lake. You can spend peaceful moments with your child by fishing in Sapanca lake. You can take a blue cruise in Sapanca Lake with the “Ottoman Sultan Boat”, which will definitely attract your attention with its very striking structure, and you can enjoy a nostalgic trip with the phaeton after getting off. You can participate in the activities organized on the Sapanca coastal road, and in the evenings you can watch the colorful water games held in Sapanca lake.

In particular, guests who come to Sapanca by train from Adapazarı, Kocaeli and Istanbul can reach Sapanca Beaches by walking after getting off at Sapanca Train Station.

Kirkpinar Beach Line

The Sapanca Municipality teams gave a modern look to the Beach Street, which is the most important of the transportation routes to the lake in Kırkpınar Soğuksu Neighborhood. Kırkpınar coastline, one of the Sapanca beaches, attracts great attention especially on weekends. It is appreciated by local and foreign tourists with the flowers blooming with the warming of the weather and the landscaping work done. You can sip your coffee at sunset in the evenings while having your breakfast in the morning at the most decent places along the coast route. Kırkpınar Festival Area of 60 thousand m2 is located at the end of Kırkpınar Beach band. Kırkpınar Camping and Caravan Festival and Landscape, Ornamental Plants, Garden Arts and Equipment Fair are held in this area.

Uzunkum Beach Line

Uzunkum Beach band is 1 km away from Sapanca Beach band. at a distance of 2,500 m. is long. It is at the zero point of Sapanca lake and there is a walking and cycling path. 600 meters to the beach. There is the historical Rüstem Pasha Mosque in the distance.

There are many facilities such as eating and drinking facilities, tea gardens, men’s and women’s WCs, masjids, buffets, sitting places, fishing in boats, parking lot, shopping shops, pensions, hotels, carriage rides. Do not forget to have your camera with you to capture beautiful shots.

There is a bike rental unit located at the starting point of the Bicycle and Walking Path. If you wish, you can take a break on the route and do angling, and you can take advantage of the kiosks you will come across on the way.

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