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Hidromed Hydraulic Systems

HİDROMED HYDRAULIC is the name of the story that began with the adventurous spirit of Anatolian people and transformed into industrial success.

The primary purpose of hydraulic systems is to transfer power and motion using fluid pressure. Hydraulic systems operate by using a special fluid called hydraulic fluid. The main objective of hydraulic systems is to transmit pressure applied at one point to other points through hydraulic fluid transmission lines, thus enabling mechanical movement through the operation of hydraulic cylinders or motors. With hydraulic systems, you can transfer power, control motion, lift and carry loads, multiply force, or achieve high power density.

Hydraulic systems are widely used in various industrial sectors such as construction, agriculture, automotive, aerospace and aviation, maritime, and energy.

There are many benefits of hydraulic systems. These include high power density, precise motion control, durability and longevity, flexibility and adaptability, high efficiency, fast response times, versatile application areas, and safety. These advantages make hydraulic systems preferred in many industries and applications. By harnessing the power and potential of hydraulic systems, businesses can increase their efficiency and improve their productivity. However, since every business has different needs, the benefits provided by hydraulic systems can vary depending on specific applications and requirements.

That’s why you can choose HİDROMED HYDRAULIC.


HİDROMED HYDRAULIC is the name that represents the adventure and passion for industrial success, born from the curiosity of Anatolian people. HİDROMED HYDRAULIC is the inspiration that demonstrates how hydraulic systems can play a significant role in the business world. HİDROMED HYDRAULIC conveys the power and advantages of hydraulic systems to its customers through trust, quality, and customized solutions, thereby increasing the efficiency of businesses.

HİDROMED HYDRAULIC has proven itself in the hydraulic systems industry by completing various projects such as Machine Tools Hydraulic Systems, Food Production Machinery Hydraulic Systems, Iron and Steel Production Line Hydraulic Systems, Concrete Plants, Woodworking Machinery Hydraulic Systems, Vehicle Mounted Equipment, Tunnel Formwork, Mini Power Units, Dam Gate Units, Special Units, Hydraulic Pipe Installations, Metal Moving Cable and Hose Carriers, Automotive Production Line Hydraulic Systems, Construction Machinery Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing, Iron and Steel Production Line Hydraulic Systems, while also providing spare parts and service support to its customers.

HİDROMED HYDRAULIC has produced solutions by understanding its customers’ specific requirements, ensuring that systems work properly, providing training on how to use hydraulic systems, and offering technical support. It aims to deliver on time, provide technical support and customer services, develop long-term collaborations and relationships based on trust with customers, understand customer needs, work together with them to achieve common goals, and make customer satisfaction the ultimate principle.

But that’s not all! We also have goals and vision!

As HİDROMED HYDRAULIC, our goal is to meet customer needs by providing high-quality hydraulic systems, components, and services, and to provide durable and reliable products. We also embrace a customer-oriented approach, keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, following current technological developments in the industry to offer innovative solutions, optimizing product prices by providing competitive solutions to customers, timely delivery, technical support, and customer services, understanding customer needs, working with them to strengthen customer relationships and achieve common goals.

What will lead us to our goals is our vision. As HİDROMED HYDRAULIC, we have set our vision to become a leader in the industry, to keep up with technological advancements, to be a pioneer in the industry, and to offer new and effective solutions. We also prioritize customer satisfaction, adopt a customer-oriented approach, understand customer needs, provide valuable solutions, and strengthen customer relationships. In addition, we focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, waste management, and reducing environmental impacts. We aim to make a global impact, enter new markets by exporting, provide services to international customers, participate in international projects, provide training opportunities for employees, develop their skills, and create job satisfaction. We also strive to share industry knowledge and resources by partnering with suppliers, customers, industry organizations, or academic institutions and foster growth.

So, you can call us!

HİDROMED HYDRAULIC Contact Information:

Business Owner: Mehmet DAL
Address: İvedik OSB Hasemek Sanayi Sitesi 1122 Cad. 1471 Sok. No:13 Ostim-ANKARA
Mobile: +90 532 604 63 44
Office: +90 312 394 62 03

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